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kaie by kon
Hi fellow Sel'm fans,

I'm selling 5 Sel'm photosets, their CDs, photos, mirror and other goods as well as stuff from other bands here:

if you're interested, comment or message me.
sorry if you see this cross-posted;;

It's all on the OHP. They have a new PV, new tour and the new members are Ryuga and John.

You can find Tora (who is now Sena) and Nagi on ameblo and twitter. Both are currently session members.
1. All the members of Sel'm are fine. They were actually all together when the earthquake struck and Takuma posted the safety confirmation very quickly on his twitter soon after the initial big quake. Takuma was not able to get home on the 11th due to the suspension of all trains and the closure of most highways so he's been staying with Nagi.

2. Along with most sporting and entertainment events, Sel'm's shusai live that was suppossed to be held today at Saitama Shintoshin Heaven's Rock has been cancelled. If you've bought a ticket for the live, you have the choice of getting a refund OR using the ticket to attend the next scheduled live at Takasaki Club FLEEZE on 3.27. More information on how to obtain a refund can be found here at Disk Garage's site: http://www.diskgarage.com/an/selm0313/. If for any reason the Takasaki live ends up getting called of as well, more information will be posted.

Needless to say, if I'm able to post this, I'm doing fine too! Thanks to everyone who sent messages to me asking if I was safe. I'm completely unharmed and at the most my house was a bit of a mess after the earthquake but that's really nothing in the grand scale of things.

Well if anymore related news items come in, I'll post them here as usual.
02 03 11 - Takuma's Message
Here's the last one. But as the band will continue to write messages, I'll continue to translate what comes along if there is any need to.

I’ve written this as the solemn truth.

If you find these words upsetting, then I’m sorry.

This is how I honestly feel.

This is the decision the band has made, and I’m sorry to everyone that it may seem like such a cruel decision.

I have no intention of interfering with the decision a man makes, and as they go separate ways, if they ever plan to join other bands and continue with music I want them to try their best.

But how I really feel is…

I wanted to go further as the five of us.

Only that would have done justice to our Sel’m.

Because Tora and Nagi are irreplaceable, and they are my friends.

That’s why when things got to this point, I thought things over a lot.

I can’t really sleep at night…aside from the days when I see the other members or when we have lives, my life sucks.

While talking everything over and getting to know everyone’s feelings, my mind became filled with the words ‘leaving’ and ‘breaking-up’…

I always thought, if I were to decide to quit Sel’m or retire from music, I could not actually imagine anything beyond Sel’m.

There are still things left to do, I don’t think I could give up music yet without having left anything behind.

That’s why if the other members want to continue, so will I.

To put it simply, that’s the reason why I’ve decided to stay with Sel’m from now on.

I can’t express how I feel well, and that’s not the whole story but…

I’m sorry, I can’t get a handle on my feelings yet.

And it’s not like I can easily sort them out anyway…

While there are parts of what the other four think that I agree with, there are other parts that are like “What are you saying?”.

While we were discussing things, there were times when I thought the arguments of the others were childish, when I wanted to hit Tora, and when I couldn’t bear to look at the other members’ faces.

Well, I guess I’m the most childish one though…

But I haven’t lied about anything during the lives we’ve played recently without Tora and all four of us let our feelings loose.

And even when Tora comes back, it’ll be the same.

Even if you felt a blank, I think that you’re still a capable vocalist and our center.

During the tour, there’s no one who wants to make him satisfied more than me.

I’m going to do it with all the strength I’ve got so that I’ll really feel glad you left us.

We have a shusai tour and a one-man left.

All I think about now is that I want to make these lives the best ever.

That’s all I can think about.

I’m sorry for the announcement we made.

I’m so sorry.
02 03 11 - Manji's Message
blue love
Just have Takuma's left to get to. Here's Manji's:

To everyone who has supported us, I am so very sorry.

But if there’s one thing I want you to understand, it’s that we’ve made this decision so that each member may go on living the long life ahead of him with happiness.

The decision was made with the understanding of all the members.

I know that you may all be shocked as the announcement came out of nowhere, but after the 17th of April Tora and Nagi will be withdrawing from Sel’m.

Also, it’s ended up becoming our last single with the present line-up, but ‘dusty doll’ which you’ve all loved all this while will go on sale beginning on the first day of the tour at Sendai Hook as a venue-only limited single

I’m putting everything I’ve got into the six shusai lives and our last one-man with the current members at O-West, so please support us.

So much has happened, I got angry at the others, and I even began to despise myself.

I’ve considered myself to be the one responsible for Sel’m, and that things have come to this, I think it’s because I lacked the power to do anything about it. I keep thinking, surely there was something that I could have done, and I am full of pain.

I’ve thought about it over and over, and I’ve cried a lot over this.

It’s because of how I feel towards the members, but above all, I’m terrified of seeing Sel’m destroyed.

If there is no Sel’m, I’m terrified that then there may be no me.

We never wanted to end this as fakes and with all our hearts that is how we kept on, even if we were hated for it, no matter what anyone said, we fought on devotedly.

Therefore, no matter in what shape it may be,
I’m going to keep Sel’m going, I’m going to continue to protect Sel’m.

I’m not ready to say it’s over.

These are my true feelings.

To all the fans, I’m truly sorry.
This was translated by larmesdusoir. Big thanks to her <3 So we're down to Manji's and Takuma's and I'll have that up soon. Here's the official message from Tora:

At the beginning of February I fell sick and took a month off to recuperate, making everyone worry or causing them trouble.

My condition is improving, thanks to the period of rest I took, so please don’t worry.
This news is sudden, but since awhile ago I’ve been fretting over my role as Sel’m’s singer, and during my period of rest I faced up to my feelings and got to the point where I strongly feel that I want to re-evaluate my position when it comes to singing.

After having numerous discussions with the other members to seriously consider what will become of Sel’m, I reached the decision to leave the band.

Because of joining Sel’m, I’ve met so many people, gained so many experiences, and have been able to spend truly happy moments.

Though I am an awkward and weak person, I very much believe that, despite my lack of skill, through Sel’m’s music I’ve been able to grow.

Thanks to all of the people involved with us, the dear friends I’ve made through the band, the other Sel’m members, together with whom we’ve done everything together, and the staff who have supported us, I think that I’ve been able to try my best to come this far.

No matter how many times I say it, the words are never enough, but thank you so much.

And to all of the suteki-bito who have supported me all along, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I feel I have no excuse for surprising everyone with my sudden and selfish announcement, but as Sel’m’s vocalist, there has been not a single lie or bit of deceit in the thoughts, songs, or lyrics I have conveyed to everyone at lives.

The innumerable letters and presents I’ve received and moments we’ve spent together are treasures that I’ll keep with me for life.

I’ll cherish them until I die and as I go on with my life from here.

As for my remaining time as a member of Sel’m, the shusai tour in March and our final at Shibuya O-WEST are drawing near.

I ask for your support as I’m going to pour my heart into singing, with all of the strength I have.

Sel’m Tora
Manji's written a message too. I'll put them up one by one. Here's Tsubaki's in the meantime:

This is Tsubaki.

I’m sorry that the announcement was so sudden.

There must be many who are surprised, many who are sad.

We started this band for fun and somehow along the way got people aside from ourselves involved and wrapped up in our fun. When times are good, it was great that we could have fun together.

But at sad times like now when we have to tell you things like this, it may seem as if we only started this band for selfish reasons, and it’s become a cruel tool that hurts others.

What exactly is a band?

What exactly were we doing this for?

There are most likely no answers to these questions.

And there are surely no correct ones…

But I can say this, at least

I didn’t start a band, start Sel’m, for the purpose of hurting you this way.

Therefore, I’m only going to look at what’s ahead.

I firmly believe that we will be able to make the best of the upcoming tour and the oneman.

I promise.

For the paths that Tora and Nagi have chosen as well,
I’m going to continue to play the guitar with all my soul.
blue blood
Tora, Nagi, Takuma and Tsubaki have posted messages regarding Tora and Nagi's departure from the band. The samples for both 'dusty doll' and 'Throw away misery' can now be sampled on the official site. I translated Nagi's message and I'll do the rest tomorrow but in the meantime, this is what Nagi had to say:

I’m sorry to everyone for surprising you with the abrupt announcement.

It would be too simplistic to reduce it to us simply having different directions, but having discussed it amongst the members, we’ve all agreed to let Tora go his own way. Of course, I understand and accept Tora’s, as well as the other members’ opinions and decisions.

But having said that, because I cannot imagine Sel’m with any other vocalist aside from Tora, I too have decided to leave.

When I think of all the fans, I think this all seems so cruel. I’m so sorry.

Up till now, no matter what our personal circumstances were, we never let that stop our activities, but this time I’m sorry that the five of us have to do something to make you all sad.

I won’t tell you I just want you to understand, but if you could see it in a positive way, that this is so Sel’m may continue on to better things, that would be good.

I’m going to give it my all for the remaining lives, so I’m counting on you guys to be there for us.

I don’t often talk about myself, but the presents and letters have really been a source of encouragement for me.

When times have been tough, I’ve often re-read the letters and I’ve truly felt connected to everyone.

Things may fall apart, but memories remain forever, so let’s create more memories.

Because there’s still more to come. Let’s have some serious fun!

Sel'm Nagi
Lilies in the dark
After the 4.17 oneman at Shibuya O-West, Tora and Nagi are leaving the band. No reasons have been given yet as to why. They will release one last single with the current line-up, a single titled 'Dusty Doll'. It contains two songs, 'Dusty Doll' and 'Throw Away Misery' and will cost 1200 yen. The CD will go on sale beginning 3.5 and is available only at live venues.

I will write more as the news comes in. I just thought I'd keep this short and concise for now.
blue love
I think I'll start with the bad news and get it out of the way. Tora has had to withdraw from all the lives and activities in February (that's five lives) due to illness. As recommended by his doctor, he has been advised to take a temporary break until he has made a full recovery. The band have not disclosed the details of his sickness. He is scheduled to be back in March in time for Sel'm's shusai tour provided he has recovered. The five event lives scheduled in February will still take place as planned but Manji, Takuma, Nagi and Tsubaki will be performing without Tora.

I'll be sure to post more news if and when it comes in. In the meantime, lets hope for Tora's fast recovery. I'll write a little bit about how the lives in February go just so that we'll be able to keep up with the situation better for those who may be worried.

Sel'm have also updated their site with their new look. Here are the individual shots:

Tora (get well soon y___y)





And the group shot
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